Pupil assessment, certificates and reports

Assessment during studies

When assessing the pupils' language skills several aspects must be taken into consideration: how long they have lived in their native country, have they received instruction in their mother tongue or not, is it possible for them to listen and use their mother tongue in Finland or not, in other words do they live in an area where there is a native language community, and so forth.

Final assessment

The principles of immigrant native language instruction include a description of good skills at the end of basic education. The purpose of the final appraisal is to define the level of the pupil's skills compared to that description. The description of a pupil's good skills provides a common basis for the planning of teaching different languages in municipalities and schools, with consideration given to the special features of different languages.


According to the recommendation of the Finnish National Board of Education for the core curriculum for instruction in the native languages of immigrant pupils, at the end of the school year the pupil receives a separate certificate for participation in native-language instruction for immigrants. A separate certificate regarding final assessment is also issued from school term 2006–2007 on. The grade given has no effect on the pupil's average grade. The certificate will state the name of the certificate, provider of instruction, school and pupil, pupil ID number, date of the certificate and signature, language taught and breadth of instruction and a verbal assessment or numerical grade as decided by the provider of the instruction.